5G Enterprise Private Network Solutions

2024-04-08 17:51

Introduction: Enterprises and institutions can build end-to-end 5G networks based on the 5G private spectrum in specific areas, addressing issues such as poor local network connectivity and low data security. This solution empowers various industries and facilitates their digital transformation and upgrading.

Application Scenarios: Factories, industrial parks, schools, ports, oil fields, power grids, transportation, and various other industries.


1. Easy Deployment: Simple setup and flexible networking.

2. Superior Performance: Ultra-low latency, high bandwidth.

3. Full Integration of Elements: Interconnection and sharing, comprehensive integration and analysis of all elements.

4. Cost-effective: Utilizes general-purpose servers with hardware and software decoupling.

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02 5G Enterprise Private Networks Overall Architecture


Success Case:

Project Background: A certain company has a strong demand for the high efficient management and dispatching of the mobile devices in a private network.

Solution: Deploy an end to end 5G systems in the company by using 5G slicing technology. This system is the cutting-edge real commercial 5G mobile communication network, consisting of a complete set of 5G network systems including wireless access, transmission, core network equipment, data collection system, and mainstream 5G terminal devices.

Project Achievements: Based on 5G mmWave technology, the system offers  training and validation for the artificial intelligence cutting-edge algorithms on the  wireless network testing validation platform, managing and dispatching the mobile device efficiently.

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