5G Smart Factory Solutions

2024-04-08 17:49

Introduction: Industrial enterprise build an end to end private network in specific areas based on 5G private spectrum, connecting industrial camera, robot, AGV, AR equipments,etc., providing massive device connections, millisecond delay interaction, meter level positioning. The center side focuses on business development iteration and ecological aggregation, and the the industrial edge side focuses on data collection and the safe and trusted operation of the business.

Application Scenarios: Industrial device inter-connection, remote control, flexible production, auxiliary assembly, quality control, security monitoring and other transmission interaction scenarios..

Highlights: 1. Elastic networking; cloud-based architecture for flexible networking. 2. High security: keeping data inside, isolation of public data. 3. All factor integration: equipment interconnection and sharing, all factor data fusion analysis. 4. Low cost; Universal server, software and hardware decoupling

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Success Case:

Project Background: In a factory in Jiangsu province, there were difficulties of wired deployment in warehouses and the Wi-Fi networks were unstable. A stable and low-latency wireless networks was strongly demmanded.

Solution: By deploying an end to end 5G system in the factory, helping the factory achieve rapid and high-quality coverage of 5G networks, accelerating the digital transformation of the enterprise.

Project Achievements: The system largely achieved "unmanned" operations and autonomous production in a "lights-out" environment. At the same time, it perfectly realized comprehensive data collection and aggregation in the production domain of industrial enterprises.


01 5G Smart Factory Overall Architecture



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