SpideRadio Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 21, 2012. SpideRadio is an international company, providing disruptively priced and technically innovative 4G/5G/5.5G radio access solutions. Working alongside our global ecosystem partners, SpideRadio is setting the pace for 5/5.5G and future technologies with wireless solutions.
       SpideRadio’s solutions can serve commercial indoor, rural outdoor, urban outdoor, unlicensed and licensed 4G/5G private network, and a wide variety of vertical opportunities. Combining open-cloud, mobile edge computing, SpideRadio strives to revamp the economics of the information and communications technology industry. SpideRadio’s innovative solutions are globally deployed for applications in M2M, IoT, smart transportation, emergency services, rural connectivity, and deep indoor coverage, and so on. 
       SpideRadio is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of products and technologies, and provides customers with competitive 4G/5G/5.5G solutions: 


• Indoor and outdoor 4G Femto / DBS / ISC Base Station

• Indoor and outdoor 5G Femto / DBS / ISC Base Station

• Indoor and outdoor 4G & 5G Dual mode DBS / ISC Base Station

• Indoor and outdoor mmWave Base Station

• Indoor and outdoor WCDMA Base station

• Indoor and outdoor GSM Base station

• Indoor 4G / 5G mDAS

• 4G / 5G converged CORE (EPC&5GC) / IMS

• 4G / 5G converged NMS

• Industrial 4G / 5G / Redcap CPE



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