5G Smart Mining Solutions

2024-04-08 17:54


The enterprise implements an end to end 5G wireless broadband communication network to cover both the surface and underground areas of the mine. This network can seamlessly connect with operators networks and provide an ultimate 5G experience. By applying 5G technology to intelligent mining, it enables intelligent perception, ubiquitous connectivity, and precise control of various production processes in the mining industry. This leads to the development of multiple intelligent mining application scenarios, such as intelligent coal mining, intelligent excavation, intelligent inspection, and unmanned mining trucks. The powerful capabilities and performance of 5G empower industries like mining, enhancing the level of intelligence in mining enterprises and greatly improving safety and management efficiency.

Application Scenarios: Coal mining, mining operations


1. Easy Deployment: Simple equipment configuration and flexible network construction.

2. Superior Performance: Ultra-low latency, high bandwidth.

3. Full Integration of Elements: Interconnection and sharing, full integration of all elements.

4. Integration of Public and Private Networks: Dedicated underground private networks, integration of surface public and private networks.

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Success Cases: Smart mining solutions deployed in Wuhai, Inner-Mongolia, helping to improve the safety production and management efficiency.

5G Smart Mining Solutions Architecture

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