Operator Solution - Outdoor Coverage

2024-02-29 17:59

Mobile operator serves users with full data and voice service, the network offers the seamless coverage, bigger capacity and higher quality.

Outdoor distributed 4G and 5G base stations, composed of BBU, RRU, and other network elements, offer advantages such as high capacity and strong scalability, comparable to macro stations from functionality and performance. These base stations are used to provide continuous coverage in urban and rural area, with higher cost performance than macro station, helping popularize network services.

However, as the number of users in the network continues to grow, the capacity issue at the hotspot has become more prominent. On the other hand, the weak coverage problem caused by the shade of mountains and buildings has been troubling the network optimization. Both of the issues exposed the limitations of macro base stations in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Integrated 4G and 5G base stations combine elements such as BBU and RRU, offering advantages of small size, light weight, and easy installation, which can be deployed without the need for dedicated equipment rooms. These base stations are used to address weak coverage areas, provide high-capacity connectivity, and work in synergy with the macro network. They are particularly effective in covering rural areas, towns, and densely populated urban areas, providing communication services for marginalized groups and contributing to the continuous improvement of network quality.
Integrated 4G and 5G base stations can become multi cells extending coverage solution by software upgrade and connecting to extended RRUs, which is easy to install and maintenance, without the need of air conditioning equipment room, helping to save OPEX for the operator customer.


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