Operator Solution - Indoor Coverage

2024-02-29 17:58

Indoor coverage is a critical aspect of mobile communication, as it extends signal coverage and provides users with reliable connectivity and data traffic. It also helps alleviate the load on macro base stations. However, with the introduction of high-frequency bands in 5G, the traditional method of "outdoor coverage indoors" has limited shallow coverage capabilities due to the limited penetration ability of high-frequency signals. In such cases, small cells play a crucial role in enhancing hotspot coverage and eliminating blind spots. Through ultra-dense networking, they can meet the growing demand for hotspot services.

The 4G+5G NR extended picocell is an integrated solution for indoor coverage. This system utilizes digital technology and carries wireless signals through optical fibers or Ethernet cables. It offers high power, broad coverage, making it suitable for large-scale continuous coverage scenarios. It is also characterized by quick deployment and network establishment.

Another indoor coverage solution is to connect the integrated base station to the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) as source, and distribute the wireless signal to indoor places.

In small offices, commercial spaces, and residential areas, 4G and 5G integrated small cells are used for filling coverage gaps, absorbing traffic, by connecting to the internet via xPON. These include compact and aesthetically pleasing design, as well as maintenance-free deployment.

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