New Radio New World Join SpideRadio at MWC2024

2024-04-07 14:27

Spideradio Telecommunication will be showing our advanced RAN solutions at MWC from February 26th  through February 29th, 2024. Our operator and industrial private network total solutions help customers improving their network performance through our advanced technologies, including indoor and outdoor 4G DBS / ISC eNB, 5G DBS / ISC / mmWave gNB, dual mode DBS / ISC base stations, as well as industrial CPE.



                 We invite you to come and talk with our Senior Executives and Engineering Staffs to discuss Spideradio's advanced solutions for 4G and 5G RAN, our future roadmap along with the status of current solution cost initiatives.


Our Booth Information:

Location: 6E15 (Hall 6, Lane E)

 Demo items:

o 4G BBU

o 4G outdoor RRU

o 4G outdoor Integrated eNB

o 5G BBU

o 5G DU

o 5G pRRU

o 5G outdoor Integrated gNB                                  

o 5G Femto Small Cell

o 4G+5G compact core

Welcome Join us at MWC2024