Spideradio announced the launch of new generation 5G ISC

2024-04-07 14:27

      As the deployment of 5G networks all over the world continues, 5G empowers many industries and becomes more and more practical. 5G small cells will give full play to their own advantages and complement the advantages of 5G macro stations to further extend 5G network coverage and achieve better, deeper and wider 5G coverage. At the end of October 2023, Spideradio Communications announced the launch of new generation 5G integrated small cell, which is based on a highly integrated SOC chip solution and integrates the BBU (baseband unit), RRU (remote radio unit) and antenna unit of the traditional base station, able to directly connect to the Internet network through existing optical fiber or network cable interfaces. It has large capacity, high performance, small size, light weight, and flexible and convenient installation and deployment. It is suitable for commercial venues, stadiums, offices, 5G network blind spots, Industry communication private network and other scenarios, especially providing low-cost, easy-to-deploy 5G coverage solutions for industry private network communication.



    Statistics show that currently more than 70% of services in 4G mobile networks occur in indoor scenarios. Compared with 4G, the types of services in the 5G era continue to increase, industry boundaries continue to expand, and indoor mobile network coverage will be more important. In current indoor scenes, 5G signals are still weak and the network is unstable, so additional coverage is urgently needed. And with the increasing number of services such as online live broadcast, education, games, cloud VR/AR and intelligent security, there are demands for lower latency, higher security level, and stable bandwidth guarantee. At the same time, users have higher service quality requirements. Spideradio Communications' new generation 5G integrated small cell has the characteristics of small size, low cost, high performance, low power consumption, and easy deployment. It can make up for the technical shortcomings of 5G macro base stations and help promote the depth coverage of indoor 5G in homes, offices, shopping malls, etc., realizing "5G everywhere", while providing differentiated network services with low latency, more security, high capacity, stability and high QoS guarantee, creating the ultimate user experience.
      Spideradio Communications' 5G integrated small cell can also be used in commercial and industrial fields to provide high-speed interconnection services for industrial Internet and other applications. Compared with traditional distributed base stations, the zero footprint design of the new generation of 5G integrated small cell can quickly deploy the system, which has no constraint to the installation environment, does not need to arrange remote cables, and can be quickly disassembled and assembled when needs change, making it more suitable for rapidly changing scenes.
     With the rapid development of 5G communication technology, 5G small cells are playing an increasingly important role in the development of the digital economy. Spideradio Communications adheres to the value pursuit of "Connecting Intelligent World" and will successively launch various 5G RAN products and innovative solutions to continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the 5G industry.